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Birthname: Jason Bradford Priestley Birthdate: August 28,1969 Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Hair: naturally medium to dark brown Eyes: bluish- green (changes color with wardrobe) Nationality: 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Scandinavian Education: graduated High School in Canada, was enrolled at Ramona Beauchamp Talent School, took classes in Jazz dance, took Classical acting lessons,and acting workshops under Howard Fine and June Whitaker at the Neighborhood Playhouse Hobbies: hockey, racing, rugby, music (he plays drums), directing, producing, acting, collecting posters, basketball, and golf Favorite Movie: Clockwork Orange


WIFE: Naomi Lowde-Priestley (married May 14, 2005) (Birthyear: 1978?)
CHILDREN: Ava Veronica Priestley, born July 2, 2007 & Dashiell Orson Priestley, born July 9, 2009
MOTHER: Sharon Mason- Actress, Ballerina, Cheographer, and now is in real estate.
FATHER: Lorne Priestley- manufacturer's representative for a funature and textile company in Canada
SIBLINGS: sister: Justine Priestley- born in August 28, 1969- actress, dancer, bartender- and attended a school in London, England "Travelling-With-a-Backpack": 2 step sisters
GRANDFATHER: was an acrobat for a circus


Well it all started with this beautiful baby boy being born in Canada. At age four Jason decided he wanted to act, by age five he began acting in tv commercials. Where his parents had divorced when he was just the age of seven, he had lived with his mother from age seven to age sixteen, then with his father til he was 18, when he moved to California. His sister had claimed that Jason lost his virginity to a much older woman when he was thirteen. Jason had taken a break from acting from when he was in middle school, til he was half way though his senior year of h.s. While Jason was in h.s., two friends of his died due to drunk driving, so he and a friend wrote, produced and directed a short film called 'One Single Raindrop'. He began racing cars for the California Rally Series in 1991 when he was 22 years old. From 1992-1994 he competed in the California Rally Series and the SCCA Pro Rally Series, in 1995 he raced Ford Escort-Cosworth in FIA World Rally Championship competition in Perth, Australia, in 1997 he entered SportsCar GTS1 class competition, won "Most Improved Driver" award, and finished sixth in point standings, in 1996 he raced a 95 convertable mustang and later a 96. In 1998 he competed for Multimatic Racing in the Motorola Cup North American Street Stock Championship, he earned his first career victory at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, finished tenth in point standings. Also in 1998 Jason had announced that he was planning on leaving "Beverly Hills 90210". On February 17, 2000 production began on the play 'Side Man' in England. Here he met his future wife Naomi Lowde. On March 16,2001 ABC Sports announced that Jason Priestley would be joining the IRL broadcast team. In July 2002 he joined the Kelley Racing Team. August 2002 Jason had a near death car accident, but has since made a full recovery. Spring of 2004 Jason proposed to Naomi, they married that following Spring in 2005, they have since had two children together: Ava Veronica Priestley, born on July 2, 2007 and Dashiell Orson Priestley, born on July 9, 2009. In 2008 Jason became a co-owner for the Rubicon Race Team.

Here's a couple more facts and tid bits you may not know about Jason:

  • - the actress he has a crush on, that he's worked with is Kimberly Williams (Coldblooded).
  • - Jason set a new world lap speed record of 147.4 mph in SBI's New York Super Boat Grand Prix aboard 'Planetman'.
  • - On 90210 Jason drove a 1965 Ford Mustang, automatic, and the color was "Springtime Yellow".
  • - Jason's own personal car collection consists of: 1996 Cobra, an expedition, 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MK II, 1967 Healey 2000 MK II, an Escort Cosworth, and a Range Rover.
  • - Jason is not a U.S. citizen yet.
  • - He formed his own racing team called "Triple Caution Racing".
  • - According to his sister 'Priestleys' are horrible drunks, aka. mean and angry.
  • -Jason's favorite female Canadian musician/vocalist is Diana Krall(she's a piano jazz musician)
  • - Justine calls him "JP", his friends call him "J".
  • - He had performed in a couple of plays before he "made it big": "The Breakfast Club" playing Judd Nelson's Character, "Rebel Without a Cause" playing James Dean's character, and he was also in a dramatic play called "Addict".
  • - Jason was supposed to have a nude scene in 'Die Mommie Die'.
  • - He smokes Marlboro Lights.
  • - He drinks his coffee Black with lots of sugar.
  • - Jason's first male-on-male kissing scene was with Charles Busch in 'Die Mommie Die'.
  • - Jason directed and episode of "The Beat", which lead to his role in the movie 'Homicide: Life on the Street'.
  • - Jason two front teeth are fake, he lost them playing rugby and hockey when he was younger.
  • - Some races Jason has competed in: GTS, SCCA Trans-Am Racing, the SCCA/Michelin Pro Rally Championship, the Motorola Cup, the Pro/Celebrity Race at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and numerous other events.
  • - Named the magazine "Faces International's" 'Hot New Faces of 1990'.
  • - Voted '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' by "people" magazine in both 1991 and 1992.
  • - Jason on the holidays "We don't have any plans for the holidays, but our favourite holiday plant is the poinsettia." - Actor Jason Priestley
  • - He had two nominations for golden globe awards.
  • - Jason's notable crashes/accidents: -in 1995, he crashed into a ditch during Michelin SCCA Pro Rally in Olympia, Washington, but recovered to finish the race.
  • -in December 1999, he crashed his porsche into a pole in Los Angeles, breaking the arm of his passenger. He was charged with a DUI, put on bail, had to do community service, seek alcohol councelling, and put on probation.
  • -On April 2002, he crashed a powerboat during a race in Miami and a crew member got cracked ribs. -On August 11,2002, he crashed into a wall at 180 mph during a practice run at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky, and sustained a fractured spine, broken bones in his feet, several facial fractures, a concussion, a lacerated nose, and cuts and bruises on his neck and face, it's also been noted that Jason had died for about 45 sec to a minute, which he has since recovered from.


For a more up to date filmography go to IMDB

Actor- Filmography

"Everest '82" (2007) (mini) TV series (filming)...John Laughlin
Made in Brooklyn" (2006) (filming)...D.J.
"Above and Beyond" (2005/II)(mini) tv series (post-production)...Sir Frederick Banting
"Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story" (2006)(tv)(post-production)... Jeff Riley
Hot Tamale (2005)(post-production) ...Jude
"Without a Trace" -'Crossroads' (2006) (TV)...Alan Davis
Love Monkey (2005) (tv) ...Mike Freed
Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story! (2005) (V) (voice)
Murder at the Presidio (2005) (tv).... Tom
"Escape from Colditz" (2004) (mini)(tv series).... Flying Officer Rhett Barker
Chicks with Sticks (aka. Hockey Mom) (2004).... Steve Cooper
"Tru Calling" (2003)(tv series).... Jack Harper (2004-2005)
I Want to Marry Ryan Banks (2004) (tv).... Ryan Banks
Going the Distance (2004).... Lenny Swackhammer
Sleep Murder (2004) (tv).... Peter Radwell
Die Mommie Die (2003).... Tony Parker
Darkness Falling {aka. Dark Side} (2002).... Micheal Pacer
The True Meaning of Christmas Specials (2002) (tv).... Santa Dude
Fancy Dancing (2002).... Asa Gemmil
Time of the Wolf (2002)
Warning: Parental Advisory (2002) (tv).... Charlie Burner
Cover Story (2002).... JC Peck
Cherish (2002).... Andrew
The Forth Angel (2001).... Davidson
Zigs {aka. Double Down} (2001).... David
Lion of Oz {aka. Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage/ Le lion d'oz} (2000) (voice).... Lion
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) (tv).... Jarred
The Highwayman (2000).... Breakfast
Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit (2000) (voice).... Xavier
Homicide: The Movie (2000) (tv).... Det. Robert Hall
Common Ground (2000) (tv).... Billy
Choose Life (1999).... DJ
Eye of the Beholder (1999).... Gary
Standing on Fishes (1999).... Jason
Dill Scallion (1999).... Joe Joe Hicks
The Thin Pink Line (1998).... Hunter Green
Hacks {aka. The Big Twist/ Sink or Swim} (1997).... The Dude
Love and Death on Long Island (1997).... Ronny Bostock
Vanishing Point (1997) (tv).... The Voice
Coldblooded {aka. The Reluctant Hitman} (1995).... Cosmo Reif
Choices of the Heart: The Margaret Sanger Story (1995) (tv)....narrator
Tombstone (1993).... Deputy Billy Breckinridge
Calendar Girl (1993).... Roy Darpinian
"Eek! the Cat" {aka. Eek! and the Terrible Thunderlizards/Eek! stravaganza} (1992) (tv series) (voice).... Bo Diddly Squat
"Beverly Hills 90210" (1990) (tv series).... Brandon Walsh (1990-1998)
Teen Angel Returns (1990) (tv).... Buzz Gunderson
Beverly Hills 90210 (1990) (tv).... Brandon Walsh
Nowhere to Run (1989).... Howard
Teen Angel (1989) (tv).... Buzz Gunderson
"Sister Kate" (1989) (tv series).... Todd Mahaffey
Watchers (1988).... Boy on Bike
The Boy Who Could Fly (1986).... Gary (creditted as Jason priestly)
Nobody's Child (1986) (tv).... Boy #2 (uncreddited)
Stacey (1977) (tv).... (uncreddited)
That Cold Day in the Park (1969/1970).... Crying Baby (uncreddited)

Producer- Filmography

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) (tv) (executive producer)
The highwayman (2000) (executive Producer)
Barenaked in America (1999) (producer)
Conversations in Limbo (1998) (executive Producer)
Beverly Hills 90210: Our Favorite Moments (1998) (tv) (co-producer)
"Beverly Hills 90210" (1990) (tv series) (executive producer) (1997-) (producer) (58 episodes 1996-1997)

Director- Filmography

"Gross Point" (2000) (tv series) [ep. 1.15 "Opposite of Sex"]
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) (tv)
Barenaked in America (1999)
"The Outer Limits" (1995) (tv series)
"Beverly Hills 90210" (1990) (tv series) (15 eps. 1993-1997)

Himself- Filmography

"tv Land Moguls" (2004) (mini) (tv series).... Himself
"Rides" (2004) (tv series).... Host/ Himself
Beverly Hills 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion (2003) (tv).... Himself
Beverly Hills 90210: The E! True Hollywood Story (2001) (tv).... Himself/ Brandon Walsh
The Best of So Graham Norton (2000) (v).... Himself
Predators From Beyond Neptune (1999).... Himself
Barenaked in America (1999).... Himself
Beverly Hills 90210: Our Favorite Moments (1998) (tv).... Himself
Ice & Asphalt: The World of Hockey (1995) (v).... Himself (as Jason Priestly)
Biking USA (1994) (tv).... Himself

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"What I Like About You" playing 'Charlie' in ep.: "Halloween" (ep.#4.6) Oct.21,2005
"What I Like About You" playing 'Charlie' in ep.: "The Perfect Date" (ep#4.5) Oct.14,2005
"Quintuplets" playing 'Steve Chase' in ep.: "Thankgiving Day Charade" (ep.#1.16) Nov.24,2004
"On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" playing 'Himself' Apr. 21,2004
"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" playing 'Himself'Apr.15,2004
"Last Call with Carson Daly" playing 'Himself' Apr.2,2004
"Celebrities Uncensored" playing 'Himself' (archive footage) (ep.#2.3) Feb.25,2004
"The Wayne Brady Show" playing 'Himself' Jan. 16,2004
"Celebrities Uncensored" playing 'Himself' (archive footage) (ep.#1.15) Nov. 26,2003
"8 Simple Rules...for Dating my Teenage Daughter"playing 'Carter Tibbits' in ep.:"Every Picture Tells a Story" (ep.#1.20) Feb25,2003
"Tom Stone" playing 'Doug' in ep.:"Little Bitty" (ep.#1.7) Apr.1,2002
"Jeremiah" playing 'Micheal' in ep.:"And the Ground, Sown With Salt" (ep.#1.4) Mar.22,2002
"Gross Point" playing 'Himself' in ep.:"Opposite of Sex" (ep.#1.15) Feb.11,2001
"Spin City" playing 'Scott' in ep.:"In the Company of Dudes" (ep.#5.14) Feb.7,2001
"Patrick Kielty...Almost Live!" playing 'Himself' Aug.22,2000
"Beverly Hills 90210" playing 'Brandon Walsh' in ep.:"Ode to Joy" (ep.#10.27) May17,2000
"The 11 O'clock Show" playing 'Himself' (ep.#4.41) Apr.26,2000
"The 11 O'clock Show" playing 'Himself' (ep.#4.28) Apr.4,2000
"The 11 O'clock Show" playing 'Himself' (ep.#4.7) Feb.24,2000 (as Jason Priestly)
"So Graham Norton" playing 'Himself' (ep.#3.10) Feb.11,2000
"Late Night with Conan O'Brian" playing 'Himself' Jan.28,2000
"The New Batman Superman Adventures" playing ' Reep Daggle/Chameleon Boy' (voice) in ep."New Kids in Town" Oct.31,1998
"The Rosie O'Donnell Show" playing 'Himself' Feb.25,1998
"Late Night with Conan O'Brian" playing 'Himself' Feb.21,1998
"Howard Stern" playing 'Himself' Jul.28,1997
"The Outer Limits" playing 'Anthony Szigetti' in ep.:"New Lease" (ep.#3.11) Mar.21,1997
"Howard Stern" playing 'Himself' Mar.7,1997
"The Rosie O'Donnell Show" playing 'Himself' Feb.19,1997
"Biker Mice From Mars" playing 'Jack McCyber' (voice) in ep.:"Virtual Unreality" (ep.#3.3) Oct.7.1995
"Late Show with David Letterman" playing 'Himself' Dec.28,1993
"Parker Lewis Can't Lose" playing 'Himself' in ep.:"Geek Tragedy" (ep.#2.22) Apr.12,1992
"drexell's Class" playing 'Teen Priest' in ep:"cruisin'" (ep.#1.17) Feb.20,1992
"Saturday Night Live" playing 'Host' (ep.#17.13) Feb.15,1992
"Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" playing 'Himself' Dec.3,1991
"Quantum Leap" playing 'Pencil' in ep.:"Camikazi Kid-June 6,1961" (ep.#1.7) May10,1989
"MacGyver" playing 'Danny' in ep.:"Blood Brothers" (ep.#4.2) Nov.21,1988
"21 Jump Street" playing 'Brian' in ep.:"Two for the Road" (ep.#2.4) Oct.11,1987
"21 Jump Street" playing 'Tober' in ep.:"Mean Streets and Pastel Houses" (ep.#1.13) Jun.28,1987
"Airwolf" playing 'Bobby' in ep.:"A Piece of Cake" (ep.#1.6) Feb.27,1987