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11-21-2022: Hey everyone! I will be working in the background to revamp the site and change from custom coding to WordPress over the next year or so... As I scan and retouch/edit slides, I will add them to the Slides page Here.

4-11-2020: I edited more slides and I added them to the Slides page Here. Be sure to keep an eye on Jason's IG... lots of delicious looking food and some tips, I'm smelling a cooking show in his future.

12-13-2018: Termination Point promo images have been added Here.

9-16-2018: I added more slide scans to the Image Slide gallery. You can see the scans Here. Also enjoy the new video called The Intruder posted by Jason's old roommate and longtime friend Dave Sherrill, a little 5 minute movie they made in their old apartment they shared. Feel free to follow Dave's YouTube Channel Dave TV.

3-17-2017: I reformatted the Image Slide gallery by events and continue to add more as I scan & edit each one. You can see the scans Here.

8-1-2016: Scanned, edited and uploaded Image Slides, pages 1-8. You can find the slides Here off of the Gallery page. I will continue to add more as I scan and edit them, currently we have over 500 photo slides and only 80 have been uploaded. Stay tuned...

3-8-2016: Tru Calling promo HQs are up Here.

2-13-2015: More scans are up on Here and Here.

6-17-2014: More scans are up on Here and Here.

5-2-2014: Beverly Hills 90210 Season 1 screen caps are up!!! Check them out Here.

1-25-2014: I have added more HQ pics to the HQ2 and HQ3 pages. I also added some promo pics to BH90210, CMF, Tru Calling and Calendar Girl here. Lastly, Season 1, episodes 1-4 screen caps up here and more will be added as I create them.

11-24-2013: My Name Is Earl and Haven episodes guest starring Jason have been uploaded to the Videos page.

11-14-2013: I have completed the creation of Haven screen caps for the episodes that feature Jason, check them out here.

10-30-2013: 10 years ago today Tru Calling began airing on FOX, therefore I put up the trailer and I recommend everyone celebrate by binge watching Tru Calling.

10-23-2013: I finished creating and uploading Tru Calling Season 2 caps here and all Tru Calling promos are here.

10-11-2-13: I have created and uploaded season 1 of Tru Calling screen caps of Jason's scenes. I will be creating and adding Season 2 very soon. See the new screen caps here. Also please don't forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be updated on everything Jason and even updates to this site.

8-7-2013: Jason has signed a contract with HarperOne to write his personal memoir. Click Here to view one of the articles (more will be posted in the Forum. ALSO Beverly Hills 90210: The Complete Series will be released in November and will include a bonus disc, Click Here for more details.

5-31-2013: Hey folks I started a Facebook page and a Twitter page for the site. Go ahead and like and follow us, this will help keep you up to date with all things Jason and all things for the site and forum.

2-7-2013: Check out this article, plus be sure to put in your vote on the poll at the bottom for "Should Tim Hortons sell 'The Priestley' in its restaurants?", vote YES and hopefully Tim Hortons will sell 'The Priestley' doughnut!

2-1-2013: WOW! Love this article, goes to show what a real artist Jason is and he is a wonderful role model for new actors or people trying to break into the biz. One of my favorite articles to come out in a while.

1-11-2013: Jason will be on How I Met Your Mother on Feb 4, 2013. Check out the announcement here.

9-17-2012: I added all the Old Navy commercials to the forum, plus articles related to 'Cas & Dylan' (Jason's directing this new film) which is currently in production.

7-18-2012: I added TV Shows to the Screen Caps page, I will continue to add screen caps as I get time. I plan to make new screen caps for BH90210 and Tru Calling to ensure they are better quality, therefore those may be the last TV shows to be added, my apologies in advance.

7-15-2012: I added some stuff to the Forum be sure to check it out.

5-19-2012: The Forum link URL has changed to please be sure to change this in your bookmarks/favorites list in your browser. This was a change that Proboards made, I appologize for any inconvenience this causes.

5-2-2012: Added more scans to Scans Page 8.

4-26-2012: Added new pics to the Gallery on the following pages: Jason Internet Images, Pepe Jeans Ads and Haven promos.

4-21-2012: Added new articles and a new pics of Jason with Dashiell to the Forum.

3-9-2012: Added new articles and a new section 'Call Me Fitz' to the Forum. I also have begun organizing the TV Shows section into sub-boards to make it easier to post and find stuff.

2-19-2012: Added new articles and a new section 'Jason Stage' to the Forum. Also I updated Jason's Biography.

12-7-2011: The episode of Psych starring Jason called "Neal Simon’s Lovers Retreat" will be airing on Wednesday 12-14-2011 at 10pm EDT on the USA network. Here's a new interview with Jason.

12-1-2011: Added BH 90210 promo pics to the Forum, these are all pics not including Jason, if you want Jason, go here.

11-23-2011: Added more promo pics to the Movie/TV Promos's page.

11-16-2011: Added pics to the Sports page.

10-21-2011: Added more Medium Quality images and I added Pepe Jeans Ads to the Gallery page.

10-20-2011: Added more HQ pics and added Medium Quality images as well to the Gallery page.

9-15-2011: Added two more fanfics by Lara Ameen to the fanfic area.

8-22-2011: Uploaded a new wallpaper inspired by Lara Ameen and her love of Tru Calling and Haven. It is in the Art section, then desktops/wallpapers. I will try to make/add more to this section today as well :D Added two more fanfics to the fanfic area.

8-18-2011: Just posted "Jack Britta Algebra" a video created by Lara Ameen to the videos page misc. section.

8-9-2011: Movie Screen Caps have been updated up to Eye Of the Beholder with more to come. Check them out!!!

8-5-2011: Added some pics to the Screen Caps page, under Movies.

8-2-2011: Added more articles to the forum and uploaded some newer HP pics of Jason in Napa with Micheal Bublé and Terry David Mulligan (Hollywood and Vines) from July 8, 2011.

7-17-2011: Added The Other Woman and 2 other episodes of Medium to the Videos page.

7-16-2011: Added Behind the Zip Code to the Videos page.

7-5-2011: Added more HQ and internet images to the Gallery page.

7-4-2011: Added Jason Internet Images, a couple more promos, and more HQ images to the Gallery page.

7-3-2011: Added the MacGyver episode "Blood Brothers" that Jason was in, back in 1988 to the Videos page.

7-1-2011: New Jason Art posted under the Art page. These are all by a wonderful lady named Sonya. More images added to the Gallery page.

6-29-2011: Started to add magazine scans to the Gallery page.

6-22-2011: Added My Name is Earl episode, takes some time to load, Jason's scene from Watchers (1988) and a Toronto commercial which Jason is in :)

6-16-2011: More videos added to the video page.

6-11-2011: I added 2 videos to the video page. Episode 1 of Love Monkey and Episode 2 of Side Order of Life.

6-10-2011: I updated the Art page with fan fiction created by Lara Ameen. Happy reading!!!

6-3-2011: I updated the site to be Had to change the domain and site name because I lost the old one.

7-25-08: I added the links to my other sites:, Wicked Lexi Design, and the Official Jeremy London Homepage. Also I added about 1/3 of the Jason Solo Pics. There will be more to come :)

7-24-08: I added a new link to Selena Por Siempre, the link is to the section where you can talk about 90210. check it out, it's wonderful.

7-23-08: Please be sure to check out the forum for the latest Jason news, I posted his new projects new web interview videos, and there's all sorts of fun stuff for the members to join in on.

5-28-08: I just added a link to Shannen Doherty Fans Forum. Check it out!!!

5-8-08: there are tons of new picture up in the forum if you haven't had a chance to check it out. :D And check out the new Ebay banner!

2-29-08: I wanted to throw up the new layout, all of the sections still aren't complete, but I'm going to continue to work on it, to get all the old and new stuff up for you all. And I Added some more videos on the Jason Videos page!!

12-5-07: I added Live Chat to the forum, I hope you all enjoy playing around and talking with one another. :)

10-17-07: There is a completely new forum up for all you fans, go and register and have a good time posting about your favorite actor...Jason Priestley!!! This is the beginning of a transition of this site... I'm redesigning it again, but I hope to make it all coordinated this time.

9-3-07: I posted a new interview with Jason in the forum.

8-24-07: I uploaded episodes 4,5, & 6 of "Side Order", plus I added the episode plots to each episode page. :)

8-19-07: I finished uploading some new videos, 3 episodes of "Love Monkey" episodes and the third episode of "Side Order".

8-7-07: Just an update on tha videos I'm uploading to the site; I ran out of room, but I'm going to be getting more space soon so I'll be able to add new episodes of "Side Order of Life", "Love Monkey", and interviews with Jason, plus some articles and magazine clippings of Jason that I recently bought. thank you for your patience everyone.

7-26-07: I just posted scans of the new Us Weekly Magazine, with Jason, Naomi, and thier baby Ava on the cover. I had hoped he do a shoot like this...enjoy, he's sexy.

7-23-07: Side Order of Life ep.1 'Pilot' & ep.2 'A Separate Truth' is now posted on the videos page

7-19-07: I posted in the forum section an answer for a woman named Rose who was asking about Jason message boards.

7-9-07: I just posted in the forum 2 hqs from the episode of 7th heaven.